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Wide Open Graces & Grace Flower Farm. Event & Floral design.

About the Designers

Kara Mullins

I love vintage items. I just do. From my grandma’s attic to an amazing find in a quirky antique store, everything I see has it’s own history. It was created carefully, has been loved, and for whatever reason, wound up in this place for me to find. A tapestry that led everything to connect.  THAT sounds a lot like us, doesn't it? We all have stories to tell. We each have ideas, personalities, and so many unique qualities that make someone such a special person. I would love to meet and discover those things about you. I can’t wait to hear how, for this one important day, you want this theme or that theme and more importantly, WHY.

As for starting Grace Flower Farm, It's simple. I LOVE growing plants and flowers. I have for years. Having been born into a farming family it's always been part of who I am. Even snatching still hardened soup beans from my Jammaw, just to plant them in a pot on the porch and watch them sprout. That same wonderment still resides in my heart to this day. I'm sure there will be mistakes, but I'm eager to learn. All because I want to give Brides and all my other wonderful clients I get to serve, the opportunity to have beautiful bouquets that smell like real flowers and not chemicals. That are affordable and don't break the bank. I realize in this hurry scurry world we want everything at all times and my flowers will be seasonal, as God intended. But, for when they bloom, I pray they are beautiful, and that I may design them in such a fashion that you feel gorgeous. Perhaps even special.

How I Got Started:

It’s interesting how all this came to be, because it certainly wasn’t fast! I believe if you have what they call “the eye”, you just have it or you don't. People were so often complimenting my sense of style in person and in my home.  Honestly, for many years I didn't give it much thought. I suppose when something comes naturally to you, you don't realize it may not come so easily to others. Or at least, I am reminded of this fact every time I speak to a mechanic! So,I completely empathize. Not everyone can look beyond the blank canvas to see the potential.  They can see they like an item, but not really see how to put a whole room together in a colorful (not overpowering) and interesting way. How todelicately interweave rustic with romantic. Modern with a hint of cool vintage. Forest greens with shabby chic and metallics. There is art to all of these and more. I'm very blessed, we all are.

Also, full disclosure, (and I tell all of my potential Brides-) I've planned my own wedding, and honestly? It was awful. Don't get me wrong, the wedding was beautiful! But, I was too stressed to enjoy the day, as I was doing everything on my own.  Even when friends and family tried to help, it was too much, I wanted them to enjoy the day with me too.  When they say "it takes a village", I realized, it really can. I vowed then and there, that anyone I knew would never go through what I did if I was a part of their wedding. So, that is ultimately my desire in much of what I do. Create something beautiful of exactly what you want, go beyond that- to exceed your expectations, and help create more joy in what you are celebrating rather than worry. I handle the details. Everything visual. You simply get to be wrapped up in throwing an amazing day for your family. Baby showers, birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties, and more. 

Hugging the beautiful bride after all the hard work. 
1 John 4:7-21. 
PC: Ryan Inman
Hugging the beautiful bride after all the hard work. 1 John 4:7-21. PC: Ryan Inman

Karen Millard

Karen is by career, a speech teacher at Chuckey Elementary in Chuckey, TN. However, she is also my partner in crime, my best friend, my picking partner, my design team, my support system, and best of all,...she's my Mom. She is so vital to WOG by being a fresh perspective, a pair of helping hands, cataloger/organizer of our inventory, and she is a WEALTH of wisdom. 

Karen has such a talent for design, and a textile skills to back it up. With a history of working with dyes for fabrics, master gardening,  lamp rewiring, sewing, tiling, and so much more...she is a Jackie of all trades!

My Mom is only secondary to God in being the backbone to why Wide Open Graces is a reality and not just a funny idea or dream I had. Not only has she invested countless time and resources into the company, but she has spurred me on in ways she hasn't even realized. She works an entire day with children, then comes home, and rolls up her sleeves to work in the garden.  She's allowed me land to grow on and a home to flourish in. She's even proud of my buttercups. To say that God has ordained this would be an understatement completely. Jesus' love is in all we do and in all things around us here.

We both are honored and strive to be God fearing women every day in our lives and have been very blessed to take on this adventure together. 

Karen and Kara: Athens, Greece 2016
Proverbs 31
Karen and Kara: Athens, Greece 2016 Proverbs 31

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