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Greeneville, Tennessee 37743, United States

(423) 444-2686

Wide Open Graces & Grace Flower Farm. Event & Floral design.

Wide Open Graces & Grace Flower Farm. Event & Floral design.


Wide Open Graces

What we do.

We start by listening to your own unique ideas and creating a customized event just for YOU. 

From wedding design, personalized shopping, to selecting everything you need from our own stock of vintage items. We'll hand pick and grow your floral design right on our own cut flower farm. To finally set up your big day, and break down. I will be with you every step of the way.  

After all, a one of kind you deserves a one of a kind day.


How we make it so special.

It's all in the details. I love those. The smallest brush strokes can make the most profound painting. To look at the picture as a whole is breathtaking. To take a step closer, and really focus on the canvas, you appreciate each thought put into the piece. Just like the million tiny moments that will all add up to make your day feel so special.   

You enjoy the day, I will paint your masterpiece. 

Know that whatever is important to you, is important to me. 

I put my heart into all my wedding design, floral design, and every flower on my cut flower farm.

The difference.

We are exceptionally unique in that we offer not  only  event design  with an expansive inventory that inclusive with our packages. As well as Floral Design offering our locally grown cut blooms from our very own Grace Flower Farm.  But we do it keeping in mind that our clients are celebrating something truly special- And it shouldn't cost as much as a car. We offer all of this to

Truly, be a catch all.

We are not a venue, we come to wherever your event is- no strings attached.

 This allows you more options, custom designs, specialty flowers, and local business support.

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